Visit to Jämtland
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Visit to Jämtland

In mid August, Erik and I decided spontaneously to go on one week’s visit to Jämtland in central Sweden. We have friends living up there and Erik has his Impact Crater project in the area. Hence, this gave us the chance to stay at our friends’ place at Camp Dannevall and to revisit the beautiful area around Forsaån, better known as Forsaleden. Erik and I have lately been working on a manuscript about Forsaån, but there were some landscape features we wanted to re-check as we haven’t been to the area for three years. These landscape forms are important to understand how they were formed.

It’s these huge blocks we are trying to understand how and when they formed. Photo: Gabrielle

We stayed in one of the cozy huts at Camp Dannevall and enjoyed the company of Nina, Karen and Tipsie (German Sherpard). I joined Nina at work one of the days. She is working at a luxury spa facility in central Östersund, and this gave me the opportunity to bath in spas and get luxurious massage from Nina, and twice TCM acupuncture at home (first time ever that I tried acupuncture). After work we all met at a lake close to Krokom for pizzas. The weather was excellent! However, during our stay in Jämtland it changed from summer to autumn with near-zero temperatures. This is good news for Nina, Karen and their Siberian Huskies, because this allows for sled dog training. There are currently 14 Siberian Huskies at the camp. Karen is the primary sled dog driver at the camp now and the one who takes part in the sled dog competitions. She is very dedicated and I wish her all the best of luck for the coming season. I know the feeling of putting so much work and training into your sled dogs, and see all your work pay off in competitions.

Pizza picnic at the lake. Photo: Nina Plesner

Erik and I spent two full days in the Forsaån area together with our dogs, Glitnir and Deli. We all enjoyed being back in the area! Jämtland is simply one of my favourite counties of Sweden. Just beautiful nature! It turned out to be very productive for us to be back in Jämtland and Forsaån. Some of the interpretations from Erik’s geophysical data and the huge block uplifts became much clearer to understand now that we saw the area again. In addition, one of Nina’s friends, Natalie Salomons Frick turned out to be an knowledgable WordPress webmaster and could help us launch this new website.

Glitnir and Deli enjoying fieldwork in the Forsaån area. Photo: Gabrielle

Thanks again to Nina, Karen and Kjell for the hospitality at the camp, and to Natalie for helping us in a slightly desperate website situation! And to Marit Berg in Tandsbyn for a cozy coffee visit!

Nina Plesner and Gabrielle Stockmann, anno 2020. Photo: Erik Sturkell
Beautiful Forsaån in Jämtland. Photo: Erik Sturkell
Karen and Nina. Photo: Erik Sturkell
Nina’s hut at Camp Dannevall. Photo: Erik Sturkell